Why Your Company Needs a Wellness Program

need a wellness program

As the economy continues to improve, it’s natural for employees to start looking at the benefits your competitors are offering.

If one of your company’s top players decides to defect to the competition due to a unique benefit offering, the result can be catastrophic. Not only could your business experience a decline in productivity, the costs associated with finding new talent and trying to fill the void in the meantime could be incalculable.

One way to stay competitive in this increasingly aggressive job market is to invest in a sound wellness program. It may sound arbitrary, but it’s not. In today’s health-intoxicated and cost-conscious world, the value of a wellness program is virtually beyond dispute. Studies show (PDF) that employers who offer wellness programs not only see an increase in overall productivity, they find their worker pool much more engaged.

Here are some reasons why:

Increased Productivity

When people are encouraged to lead healthier lives, they are more productive at work. Some of the benefits of better personal health include increased concentration, higher energy levels, and a more optimistic outlook.

Improving the workplace stamina of even one individual can lead to a significant increase in overall productivity.

Increased Loyalty

A wellness program sends a clear message to everyone: “My company cares about my personal health and the personal health of my family.”

Hearing this message conveys a clear sense of belonging for each and every individual, and it is a sentiment that builds allegiance. Employees who feel as though their company cares about them tend to “reward” their superiors with more focus and longevity — and that’s an intangible you can take to the bank.

After all, the savings associated with worker retention are well documented.

Decreased Absences

Wellness Programs provide families with health education, fitness training, and lifestyle management ideas. This information will offer these newly informed workers the chance to lead healthier and more fulfilling lives, which will naturally result in less sick time.

Decreased Healthcare Costs

It’s a fact: when people are healthier, they pay less for nearly everything — especially healthcare costs. So do companies.

The front-end investment that the company shells out for a wellness program will pay rich dividends for both the employer and the employee alike.

Increased Morale

When you are healthy, you are happy, and a happy workforce is perhaps the best recruitment tool available.

An improvement in morale translates to better work performance, an increase in company loyalty, and a higher sense of personal responsibility.

When employees recognize that their superiors care about their physical well being, the positive outlook they exhibit will turn into a hallmark of your company’s brand.

Increased Talent

When gifted people search for jobs, they pay close attention to the fine print related to benefits.

Top talent will be attracted to enterprises that are concerned about their well being. Plus, if your existing employees enjoy the workplace atmosphere, chances are they’ll share their feelings with others. This will naturally attract the best and brightest.

Increased Teamwork

If you company is fortunate enough to have a gym on site, this location will be a great place for folks from different departments and disciplines to hang out, chat, share fitness tips, and build relationships. You might be astonished by how the gym helps your team bond.

Decreased Hospital Visits

Studies have shown that wellness programs reduce hospital admissions by a staggering 66 percent!

Most people loathe having to go to the hospital, and not just because it’s so expensive. Hospital patients are put on a regulated diet, given multitudes of tests and forced to wear revealing robes.

Besides helping employees avoid hospital stays, a wellness program can also empower employees to take control of their health by giving them opportunities to participate in exercise activities, learn about portion control and even take advantage of smoking cessation incentives.

If your company is suffering from a low workforce morale, an uptick in absences, or a decline in productivity, it might be time to consider putting a wellness program in place. Healthy employees are engaged employees, and the results are always worth the investment.

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  1. I think that most businesses have this in place. After all, the overall productivity of a business depends greatly on the wellness of employees. So it is really important.