How Much Money Do Uber Eats Drivers Make?

how much money do uber eats drivers make

Uber Eats has become one of the most popular online food ordering and delivery platforms. The secret to uber eats’ success comes from increased demand for delivery companies to provide pick-up and drop-off services for food. Uber offers gig workers a way of making money online while offering more choices of restaurant meals for customers while at the same time helping participating restaurants increase their pool of potential customers they can reach. As a result, Uber Eats is constantly searching for drivers to deliver the food to the consumers. In this article, we are going to show you how much money you can make working for uber eats

What is Uber Eats?

Part of the gig economy, Uber Eats, is an offshoot of the Uber ride-hailing service and is an on-demand food delivery service where gig workers offer delivery services for partner restaurants.  Essentially, they act as the middleman between customers and local restaurants by delivering take-outs from local restaurants and chains. Like other food delivery apps, with Uber Eats app, customers can place orders using the Uber Eats app to select the restaurant and choose the food items they want to order and then check out. Uber drivers for their part help to fulfill the order and hand it off to the customer.

How Much Money Can You Make with Uber Eats?

Uber eats offers food delivery driver alternatives in hundreds of cities across the world giving people an opportunity to earn extra cash by offering food delivery services through a car, scooter, or bike. The average yearly earnings for Uber eats delivery drivers is around $ 43,778 in the United States.  Uber eats drivers make between $8 and $12 an hour factoring in expenses such as gas and car maintenance. There is no set figure on how much money do uber eats drivers make because one they are considered independent contractors and two payments are set based on trips calculated through a formula that takes into account factors including distances and the delivery fees that the customer pays.

In addition, you can stand to get additional earnings through tips from customers as well. Depending on your city, you can make Uber Eats deliveries with a car, scooter, or bike and start a side hustle to make money delivering food. Depending on your location uber eats pay can afford you a decent income in today’s gig economy. While you are at it look into other apps and find out how much money can you make with DoorDash?

How to Make Money with Uber Eats

An Uber Eats delivery driver will receive orders on the app, picks up the order from the restaurant and deliver the food to customers. Unlike traditional food delivery drivers, as an Uber Eats driver you can be your own boss and work on your own schedule. You can deliver food whenever you want and you can even maximize your earnings by delivering during peak hours (11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.). By driving for Uber Eats you can make money in several ways, if you want to know how to make money with uber eats here are some ways where you can make bank:

1. Uber Eats base pay: this pay scheme calculates delivery fees based on how far you have to go and how much time it would take.  This is the amount you will see upfront on the trip request screen. It is the minimum amount you will earn for a completed delivery. In some cases base pay can be calculated in terms of pick up fee, delivery fees, drop off fee, mileage, and others.

2. Uber Eats Incentives: Uber offers some incentives for you to make more money this is to encourage drivers to take on deliveries and get more drivers to get out on the road these include boosts, surges, and quests.

3. Uber Eats Trip Supplement: This is an additional way to make more money where Uber eats takes into account factors, such as total time and distance traveled to help make deliveries worthwhile for Uber eats drivers.

4. Customer tips: with Uber Eats you get to keep 100% of any tips that customers give you. Uber Eats customers have the option to tip you through the Uber eats app or in cash when you deliver to them.

Get Started with Uber Eats Today

If you want to get started with Uber eats follow the following steps:

1. First off before signing up you will need to submit your Social Security number for a background check. You should also meet the minimum age requirement to be an uber eats deliverer where you live. If you plan to work using a car you will need to have a valid driver’s license, car insurance, and your car must have two or four doors.

2. Then you will need to sign up online by downloading and installing the Uber Eats Driver app on your iOS or Android mobile device. You will need to consent to a background check, upload a photo ID, add your bank account and other required documents.

3. Once Uber eats notifies that your driver account is active, you can begin receiving delivery requests.

4. After having your account activated open the Uber Eats Driver app menu and tap the ‘GO’ button you review potential deliveries and accept delivery orders.

5. You can use the Uber Eats suggested navigation information from the restaurants to your customers’ locations to help find locations and easy navigation. If you have trouble with the locations you can contact Uber Eats support on the Uber eats platform for additional support.

6. In terms of payment you get paid for every food order pickup and delivery that you complete and you can also get paid on a per-mile rate basis. You can set up a weekly automatic direct deposit to your bank account. You also have the option to cash out your uber eats earnings with Instant Pay up to five times each day.

How to Maximize Your Earnings as an Uber Eats Driver

There are also ways where you can maximize your earnings by making food deliveries as an Uber delivery driver, these include:

Find Areas with Surge Pricing on the Uber Eats App

Find Areas with Surge Pricing on the Uber Eats App Surge pricing is one way to increase your earnings potential during times where there is high demand for Uber eats services. During a delivery surge, your uber eats driver app home screen will display areas with high demand along with an additive dollar amount.

Opt for earnings Boost or Boost promotions

Uber easts guarantees peak pay for deliveries that start and end within a designated area between specific times. When a Boost promotion is active, for example in New York City Uber eats drivers will see the map on the Home Screen of the Uber driver app with hot spots separated into multiple zones. Each zone will have a hard outline marking each Boost area. Within those lines, there will be guaranteed earnings multiple amounts and the time frame during which it is available.

Use a Referral Code

Uber Eats in a bid to bring in new drivers is offering a generous sign-on bonus for new drivers who apply using a referral code. When you sign up using a referral code, you’ll get extra cash, so make sure you use a promo code.

Customer Tips

Clients will on occasion tip you as a token of their appreciation for the service rendered make sure that you offer a good service to customers to get good customer tips.

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  1. I have a question maybe some of you have thought about it too…. Should we as delivery drivers have to get in the drive thru line as if we are ordering for ourselves to pick up… Once I’ve gotten to the window my customers food is cold and I get an attitude out of this world. I thinks it’s wrong…. The Popeyes on Old National in College Park, Ga. has it really bad.

  2. Uber eats delivery some years back couldn’t net you 500 a week without putting forth much effort but don’t kid yourself the money comes from the tips.. You will be penalized if you don’t take some cheap trips. Just remember the people that pay the least complain the most. List. I avoid cheap trips and fast food but I have to reset the app all the time because the algorithm keeps cutting me out. It’s really not worth the trouble anymore.