Could Robots Make Small Business Manufacturing More Competitive?

This Company is Leveraging Small Business Manufacturing Robots

Small manufacturers don’t always get the chance to take advantage of cutting edge  opportunities availability to larger manufacturers. This is because these opportunities aren’t always viable for small businesses with limited resources. That could all be changing though, thanks to some high tech innovations.

This Company is Leveraging Small Business Manufacturing Robots

Voodoo Manufacturing is a startup that uses 3D printing and robots to manufacture products of almost any imaginable design for clients. And the company plans on filling its entire factory floor with robots to hold the positions once have been held by human employees.

People often debate the ethics of giving away jobs to robots — but automation is a popular topic in small business circles. For small businesses that don’t have the resources to staff an entire factory, this technology could offer increasing opportunities in the future.

Voodoo Manufacturing, for one, says it plans to cut costs by about 90 percent over the next five years. And robots are a big part of that. As the costs for robots and other automation technology goes down, manufacturing could become more of a viable business opportunity for businesses even with limited resources.

So it’s worth monitoring for businesses that outsource manufacturing or entrepreneurs who have been reluctant to get into the manufacturing business due to cost concerns. Voodoo Manufacturing is just one example. But there will be plenty of new innovations making an impact on this industry in the coming years.

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