15 Storage Franchise Business Opportunities

15 Storage Franchise Business Opportunities

The storage industry in the U.S. is growing. According to IBISWorld, the industry brings in an estimated $38 billion annually. And if you’re looking to break into this growing business niche, a franchise can be a great way to get the resources and know-how you need. Here are some storage franchise opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs to consider.

Storage Franchise Opportunities

Storage Authority

15 Storage Franchise Business Opportunities - Storage Authority

Storage Authority offers a franchise opportunity that focuses on consumer level self storage. The overall investment can vary depending on location and size. But the minimum upfront cost is typically around $400,000.

UNITS Moving and Portable Storage

15 Storage Franchise Business Opportunities - UNITS Moving and Portable Storage

A moving and storage franchise business, UNITS currently has open territories in metropolitan areas across the U.S. The initial franchise fee is $55,500. And multiple-unit franchises are also available.

PODS Portable Storage Units

15 Storage Franchise Business Opportunities - PODS Portable Storage Units

PODS is another moving and storage franchise that provides large storage containers, boxes and other packing items that customers can use at their own locations. The company has offerings for consumers, businesses and more.


15 Storage Franchise Business Opportunities - U-Haul

U-Haul offers a unique opportunity for existing business owners who want to add the U-Haul name to their moving and storage offerings. You can become a dealer to earn about 21 percent commission across U-Haul’s product lines.


15 Storage Franchise Business Opportunities - 1-800-PACK-RAT

1-800-PACK-RAT offers partnership opportunities for businesses that want to add a trusted name to their packing and storage offerings. Cost can vary depending on location and type of services offered.

Big Box Storage

15 Storage Franchise Business Opportunities - Big Box Storage

Big Box Storage is a storage and moving company based in San Diego, California. The company, which provides portable storage containers, started out with just a few company owned locations, but has since welcomed franchisees in other areas.

Smartbox Moving and Storage

15 Storage Franchise Business Opportunities - Smartbox Moving and Storage

Smartbox offers storage containers and moving services and has locations in states around the U.S. The initial franchise fee can vary depending on the size of your desired territory. But it usually starts at $40,000.

GarageTown USA

15 Storage Franchise Business Opportunities - GarageTown USA

GarageTown USA provides a few different business opportunities for land owners and entrepreneurs in various markets around the U.S. You can provide the location for a new GarageTown franchise or partner with the company to find the right markets in your area.

Zippy Shell

15 Storage Franchise Business Opportunities - Zippy Shell

Originally founded in Australia, Zippy Shell has franchise locations in a number of U.S. markets and is open to even further expansion. The moving and storage business offers location assistance and other support services to franchisees as they get started and grow their businesses.

CubeSmart Self Storage15 Storage Franchise Business Opportunities - CubeSmart Self Storage

This self storage property management business offers customizable opportunities for entrepreneurs. Those interested in partnering with CubeSmart Self Storage receive access to benefits like marketing support, access to management professionals, a sales center and more.


15 Storage Franchise Business Opportunities - ClosetBox

ClosetBox is a full service storage business, offering services like pickup, security and delivery. The company has partnerships in states across the U.S. You can contact the company to learn more about current opportunities and integrating the ClosetBox name into your business offerings.

Extra Space Storage

15 Storage Franchise Business Opportunities - Extra Space Storage

Extra Space Storage offers a third party management solution for property owners looking for a trusted name to manage their business. The company provides marketing support, strategic direction, revenue management and more.

MyWay Mobile Storage

15 Storage Franchise Business Opportunities - MyWay Mobile Storage

MyWay Mobile Storage offers a portable self storage option for consumers. The company provides marketing and customer service/sales support for franchisees. So you can use your time and resources to focus on running all the other aspects of your franchise business.

Guardian Storage

15 Storage Franchise Business Opportunities - Guardian Storage

Guardian Storage offers some property management and consulting services to self storage business owners, currently with locations in Pennsylvania and Colorado. Some of the company’s offerings include operations management, accounting, human resources support and more.

Universal Storage Group

15 Storage Franchise Business Opportunities - Universal Storage Group

Universal Storage Group also offers a variety of management and consulting services for self storage businesses. The company offers training, development, management and more all aimed at helping storage businesses increase earnings.

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  1. Annie: How about Shurgard?

  2. I’m interested in setting up a self storage business, would like to know which company is a better choice? I myself feel EZ Storage is not bad but it’s not on the list.
    Do you have any experience that can share with me?

  3. My name is Horace and I have been in the U.S. Army for 22 years now, which I plan on retiring in the next two years. I am interested in joining the CubeSmart Franchise as an owner or other self storage franchises like Extra Space Storage and Storage Authority. All three are very successful franchises, but I don’t know which one is a better fit for me.

  4. I just acquired a piece of land to build 2 office buildings and one of the levels will be indoor storage units. I will have to create a franchise or purchase one to fill the space. Any recommendations?

  5. I am a 47 year old stay at home mom and me and my fiance will be getting married in May of this year. My youngest is graduating high school also in May, so I’ve got the empty nest syndrome going on. My fiance is retired from driving a truck which he did for 30 years or so. I would LOVE to find some sort of business to get into, but have no clue where to start, especially with me not having a college degree. I went to nursing school right out of high school back in 1988 and finished a year of RN school and did get my Certified Nursing Asst. Certificate but never worked much bc, like I said I was a stay at home mom with my 3 children. Any ideas at all? We live in a very rural town, although a college town, of under 10,000 people.

    • Melodi, you already started by reading this article. I have not tried a franchise opportunity myself but would consider a limited partnership with someone interested in the same franchise. Be forewarned, that many franchises have some fairly hefty requirements when it comes to assets to support the underlying business. McDonald’s, at the the time I was interested, wanted me to work as a manager for at least 2 years at an established location and have a million in personal assets to complete the franchise application. The deal breaker for me is that they did not want absentee owner/managers. I liked their business model but could not make a career as franchise owner. That is how they weed out folks like me.

      Good Luck . Keep Looking

  6. If you already have the plans for your building and it includes the storage units why get a franchise. You can probably get marketing advice from your chamber of commerce and your builder should help with making the units secure.

  7. If you are about to franchise, make sure you read this article because it’s really great and will help you out of your business when starting. Thanks for your help. I already have my own moving company here in Canada.

  8. I’m not really sure how to go about what I would consider just a idea, however this idea seems like it is a good one here goes, I have my eyes on a chunk of land about four acres really close to a ever growing city now the land has a vary big and well built building on it was used to keep cows warm it is huge. Anyhow I’d like to see go in there would be a heated storage facility that goes into the earth and into the sky now the building is substantial enough to turn into this ideal facility and the land would be perfect for more storage or vehicle storage . Ultimately I have no money in the bank no capital own zero property and quite frankly living pay check to pay check my credit is fair, I’m just curious to know what do I need to do to get this idea established. Does anyone know what a guy should do?

  9. Storage and self storage services is a growing industry and have a big scope of boom in the future. Thank you for sharing the post.