10 Best Tire Repair Franchise Opportunities

Tire Repair Franchise

All vehicles need quality tires. But these important parts eventually wear down and need to be repaired or replaced. So tire repair and replacement services are always in demand. In fact, the U.S. tire industry is worth about $35 billion. And U.S. drivers shell out about $3 billion each year due to tire damage from potholes.

If you’re looking for a new business opportunity that’s steady and fairly recession-proof, the tire business could be perfect for you. But you don’t have to start from scratch when building your new enterprise.

Franchises provide the opportunity to connect with a recognizable brand and utilize their proven systems and processes. There are plenty of big names in the industry to consider. In fact, some even offer various automotive repair and maintenance services.

If you’re interested in purchasing a tire repair franchise or similar auto service center, check out the list below for options.

Tire Franchise Opportunities

Here are the best tire repair franchise businesses for aspiring entrepreneurs to consider:

1. Big O Tires

Big O Tires has been providing tire and auto service since 1962. It has more than 450 locations throughout the country. And franchisees get some freedom to operate independently while still receiving support when needed. In addition to traditional franchises, the company also offers multi-unit opportunities, veteran and first responder discounts, and conversion opportunities for existing tire businesses. The franchise fee ranges from $10,000 to $35,000. And the total upfront investment ranges from $311,000 to $1,138,300.

2. Tuffy Tire & Auto Service

Tuffy Tire & Auto Service started in Detroit and has been around for more than 50 years. The company offers tires, muffler service, and various other auto repairs. The company is dedicated to staying on top of new technology in the auto industry. And they provide extensive support to franchisees. You don’t need automotive experience. And they offer both single and multi-unit opportunities. The fee for new franchises is $30,000. And the initial investment ranges from $224,000 and $413,500.

3. Spiffy

Spiffy is a mobile, on-demand car care business. The company provides tires, oil changes, washing, detailing, and glass service. Since it’s a mobile business, franchisees can keep costs relatively low. And you may be able to get up and running quickly since you don’t necessarily need a physical storefront location. The company also has proprietary technology and green solutions that improve the experience and attract more customers. The franchise fee is $40,000. And upfront costs range from $100,000 to $200,000.

4. RNR Tire Express

RNR Tire Express provides a variety of tire replacement and auto services. The company provides exclusive territories for new franchises. And you don’t need specific automotive industry experience to be considered. There are currently more than 500 locations around the country. So there’s a fair amount of brand recognition already. They also provide unique rent-to-own payment options to attract even more customers, increasing profit potential for franchisees. The initial franchise fee is $35,000. And upfront costs range from $500,000 to $1,000,000.

5. Meineke Car Care Center

Meineke is a total auto care franchise business. With tons of services, franchises can enjoy a variety of revenue streams. And the company has national and well-established brand recognition in markets across the country. It also provides a dedicated tech platform for performing inspections and managing operations. Basically, this can make the day to day operations much more straightforward, which is especially helpful for new franchises. They look for franchisees with business acumen, strong community ties, and a drive to succeed. The initial franchise fee is $35,000. And startup costs range from $319,774 to $610,318.

6. GoMobile Tires

GoMobile provides customers with a mobile tire buying experience. Basically, you can run everything from a van instead of a large storefront. You can keep a minimal inventory and each discount franchise is set up with an online purchasing platform for customers to easily order online. The company is especially popular with fleet vehicles. So franchisees can get lots of ongoing business from local companies that need tires. You also get access to training and general business support. The fee for the franchises is $30,000. And total costs come to about $170,000; you can buy the mobile shop and pretty much everything you need right from GoMobile.

7. All Tire Supply

All Tire Supply offers tire repair materials, tools, and equipment. As a mobile distributor, they work with auto repair shops, dealers, and retailers that need replacement parts. Since it’s not a traditional repair shop, you can keep startup costs relatively low. For example, you just need a warehouse for inventory and distribution network, rather than a fully developed storefront. As a B2B business, this option also allows you to serve a different market than many automotive franchises. And you don’t need to worry about building an extensive team or service list. The fee for the franchises is $50,000. And startup costs range from $80,300 to $172,800.

8. Tire Pros

Tire Pros is a network of select independent tire shops throughout the country. When your shop is selected for the program, you receive a dedicated account manager, training, purchase incentives, relationships with vendors, and marketing support. It’s also backed by American Tire Distributors, the largest tire distribution network in North America. And there are currently more than 600 franchise locations throughout the country. The fee for the franchises is just $7,000. And the total upfront investment ranges from $218,000to $369,500.

9. In Motion Tires

In Motion Tires provides full-service mobile tire and wheel shops around the country. They currently have markets available in multiple states. Owners get the opportunity to work closely with customers and work with their hands on a daily basis. The company provides state of the art equipment and business support to help franchisees get their operations off the ground. They also provide training for new franchises. There are currently only a few set locations. So markets across the country are open. The company doesn’t publish its franchise fees or costs. But you can reach out to them to find out more.

10. Tread Connection

Tread Connection offers mobile tire repair and installation vans. The company offers a tire repair and replacement franchise with low overhead. No automotive experience is necessary. And the company provides training and protected territories. There are also incentives for franchises that include multiple territories. The minimum fee for the franchises is $37,500. The mobile tire repair van costs between $115,000 and $135,000. And other startup expenses range from $11,700 to $30,900.

How much does a tire repair franchise cost?

Tire repair and automotive franchises can cost anywhere between $100,000 and $1,000,000. Generally, mobile franchises cost between about $100,000 and $200,000. And larger brick and mortar shops that provide tire repair and other automotive services cost between $200,000 and $1,000,000.

Is owning a tire shop profitable?

Tire repair shop profits depend on a number of factors, including shop size, inventory, team size, prices, location, and sales and service volume. Moderately sized tire shops with minimal expenses may expect a profit margin of around 20 percent or more. Adding multiple revenue streams like automotive repairs may help shops become more profitable.

How much can you make owning a tire shop?

The amount a tire repair shop brings in can vary widely. However, a moderately sized shop with a few employees and service bays can bring in between $36,000 and $60,000 per month. That could lead to monthly profits of $20,000 or more.

How do I start a tire business?

To start a new tire repair shop, you first need to find a location. Scout a location that’s easy to access with plenty of space for repair bays and inventory storage. You should also research the customers in the area. Pretty much every location has some need for tire repair or replacement. But the income range and driving habits of your customers may impact what type of products and services you provide. For example, shops in a low-income area may benefit from offering used tires. But if you’re opening up in a city with lots of public transit, research competition in the area to make sure the market isn’t too saturated.

You also need to set up your location with lifts and other equipment to facilitate quality service. Then invest in the necessary inventory. This often involves creating relationships with popular tire brands. You’ll also need to hire some tire and auto repair professionals to provide the necessary services to your customers. Offer training. Create a service list and prices. Brand and market your business. Then manage the daily operations.

These are just some of the steps involved in opening a tire business on your own. If you want a step-by-step guide laid out for you, a franchise may be the way to go. The opportunities above give you access to proven systems and set processes so you know what to do every step of the way. Then you can utilize strong brand recognition to immediately build trust with customers in your area.

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